Get Ready For Season 4

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Get Ready For Saison 4


Seb n'arrête pas l'exploration, il prend la direction du Japon pour participer à l'UTMF, un ultra trail de 160km autour du Mont Fuji ainsi que la Hardrock 100 miles, une course à plus de 4000m d'altitude sur les hauts sommets du Colorado aux US.

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Get Ready For S4 EP07, Race report UTMB


Great season for Sebastien Chaigneau who start his Ultra world tour by Canaria for the Transgrancanaria, 120kms - 7000D+ that he has won. Then he traveled to Japan for make us discover the asian culture of trail across the Ultra trail Mount Fuji, 160 kms -- 9000D+, where he took the third place.
During july, Sebastien was in the Colorado US for the Hardrock 100, a 160kms with more of 10 000D+ and 3300m of altitude average. He won the race with the best time.
Only 6 weeks between the Hardrock 100 and the Utmb. For the recovery, it's a real challenge for Seb. Unfortunately, after 30kms of the race, he need to stop because of fatigue.
For this year, sun was here for the UTMB® and runner can do the real turn of the Mont-Blanc. And the party was more beautiful with the presence of american's runner like Anton Krupicka, Timothy Olson, Michael Foote, Mike Wolf or also Rory Bosio who they competed against great european runner like Julien Chorier, Jonas Buud, Miguel Herras, Carlos Sà... but the nice surprise came from the young french runner Xavier Thevenard who won the UTMB®in 20h38

Get Ready For S4 EP06, Race report Hardrock


Between lakes and summits over 4000m, the playground is unique to organize a 100 miles and it was in memory of the miners that the Hardrock 100 use the roads and rivers leading up mines in mines, for a total of 160 kms and 10 000m D +.

Western spirit for this race report by Sebastien Chaigneau, recently winner of the race with a record time of 24h25 and accompanied by the multiple winner of 100 miles, Scott Jurek !

Get Ready For S4 E05, Hardrock 100 Epics Moments


Image of the race and American culture, you are discovering the Hardrock 100 through Seb and his pacer Scott Jurek.




Get Ready For S4 E04, Race report UTMF


The last 26th of April was taken place the Ultra-Trail Mt-Fuji®. Organized by the ultra runner Tsuyoshi Kaburaki and The North Face, UTMF attracted 1000 runners. 160Kms, 9200 D+, this race who does the turn of the Mt-Fuji, mythic japanese volcano, across lakes, woods and volcanic hill.

Enjoy this new Get Ready For and enter in the Japanese universe and UTMF.




Get Ready For S4 E03, UTMF Epics moment


Follow Seb in his new race in Japan, Ultra-Trail Mt. FUJI (UTMF) - 161km - 9100 D+. 



Get Ready For S4 E02, Race Report TransGranCanaria 2013


The 2nd of march 2013 has had take place The TransGranCanaria, in Gran Canaria island. 119kms for 7300d+ where Sébastien Chaigneau has already ran three times. Third in 2011, winner and recordman in 2012, he won also this edition with a time of 14h05"53.

Get Ready For S4 E01, Epic Moments TransGranCanaria


Start of the new season of Get Ready For with a travel to the Canary, to Las Palmas for the Transgrancanaria 2013. 

This first episode offers some view of the new route, saw by Sebastien Chaigneau and other local trail runners. Start the 2nd of March, 119kms and 7300D+, where Sébastien, winner of 2012's edition, will race by side of great runners.