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The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail




The North Face Lavaredo Ultra Trail, 90km 5300m D+



23:20, we are on the start line, 9 ° C. Mauricio Scillia, co-organizer of the event, comes to see me and warns us at the top, it is very windy and it is O ° C under shelter. I decided to take my gloves. A good option: I do not leave them at 65 km after a night in the wind and cold.


The start is launch by the sound of church bell of Auronzo. Five hundred and twenty runners spring ... With Zigor, we go quietly about 5 km from a "white way" as they say here, that is to say, a bike path of white clay. Following his departure to 4 minutes 4mn15s-kilometer, we attack a forest road that becomes increasingly steep ... On the last four kilometers, I think it should be around 15%!The Hungarian Csaba Nemeth joined us at the forefront and began printing a relatively fast pace. I have no bad feelings, but I prefer to be carreful. We allow Nemeth to take advanceA few months earlier, on another race, the Hungarian party and was only before we rejoignions after the 80 km race ... We take the same and start again! But since I've been training and feel I am much better. I decided to respect my strategy by staying in one area of ​​the heart that allows me to not be "limited" to maintain my pace and relatively long.



After 1600 meters of ascent, I found about twenty seconds behind Nemeth. I precede an Italian, came to join the party, and Zigor a minute or two. This is the first stop after 18.5 km. I do not stop, it is very cold and I planned to make my first stop at the 31st kilometer.


"It's OK, no problem? "

At the scale of the col, the members of the organization have established two very large spotlights that illuminate the Tre Cime and steep sides. Incredibly impressive in daylight, they are even more under such conditions! 

I feel that I negotiate this down perfectly and distance Nemeth. However, I know my friend Zigor is very strong in this area: he has already joined in then passed down in such circumstances earlier this year.
The descent is complete. In the dark night, I mounted the attack in the forest and join the fueling station within 31 km. I am a little ahead of my schedule, but I feel good. I'm heading back towards the lakes, including Lake Mizurina, that we follow for several miles. A grand place.
Back in the woods. The organizers are on the look and regularly ask me: "It's OK, no problem? ". They did a very good and beautiful work.

I am at the 45th kilometer race after 4:10. I surprised everyone a little, because the organizers had estimated the passage of the first 5h after start. I get a warm soup that warms me and go back on a path which hardens with more mountainous parts.


"I spend the night mode to day mode"

The route then consists of a series of small raises covered with very small pebbles rolling under the feet, then a very long journey. I wake up slowly after a passage in which my bed I was somewhat lacking. Departures at midnight are always difficult to manage, because you have to impose a final meal 6 hours before the race and get to sleep 3 or 4 hours later, before waking up and walk to the starting line.

I finally arrive at the 65th kilometer refueling. I am always alone in the lead, but I know that AC can return at any time. If it had to happen, yet I would not regret, because I'm trying to give everything. My team is always part of top.La dreaded white road passes very quickly, I start the climb. It is difficult. I adopt a pace where I alternate running and walking. In this type of passage, we must be lucid and able to walk. Often, we will then faster than if we try to keep running. At the top, I find myself in a green landscape with advances in the woods that I announce the arrival of the final pit located seven miles from the finish.

Sensations when one arrives in the lead are incredible. The pleasure is intense with the clamor .... And it is even harder when you catch the organizers who had planned a running time between 10 and 11 h and you beat the race record.Christopher will remain the most surprised, my coach, which, given my training in recent weeks, with 240 km and 15 000m + accumulated ten days before the race, had predicted some difficulties in the last third of the race.

I admit I had a great time and enjoyed it from start to finish. A more intense pleasure when we can share it with any one team. Accompanying present throughout the race on the refueling points and finish. This is what I will remember this race very emotional and vibration. And when Mauricio Scillia asked me what was my motivation, I had a thought for my baby girl born three weeks earlier, my family, and Werner, a friend who passed away during my trip to Australia last May.I take it with me every time I travel and in all my races.

Zigor finished in second place in 10:05, followed by Marco Gazzola 10:30 ET by Csaba Nemeth 10:37. In girls, Fernanda Marciel, our Brazilian at The North Face, won the race in 24:45, ahead Carlini and Alexandra both Italian Giovanna Cavalli.
See you soon for new adventures ... 


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Results Lavaredo Ultra Trail Sébastien Chaigneau: 1st in 9h29

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