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TransVulcania 2012, World Cup Sky Running.


TransVulcania, my race report !


All started as usual with the catch of a plane and a voyage short in distance but long in time: 4 hours.

It gas made goot weather for already a few days at the house and TransVulcania approaches with great steps. This kind of race requires a preparation without fault and a complete investment. Times of recovery are quite as important and in spite of the follow-up of my plan and my good performances with the various trainings, it always persists a small doubt, the small sand's grain, the small trick which can make fall several weeks of preparation on the bad site. It is also what makes the charm of this kind of sport. Not all to control and leave a share to the doubt...

With the dream team Mouss Production and my son Ethan, we take the place from Geneva in the direction of Palma, small island of the Canaries. It is the least known and most complicated to reach. It is necessary to take a first plane for Tenerife, to cross the Island of Tenerife in Taxi. The ways lasts 45 minutes and it is then necessary to take another fligh for Palma, more precisely Santa Cruz of Palma, the capital.


After this tour, we are accomodated by the people of the organization of the race who accompany us to our hotel. I will not extend on the frame work, but it is in seaside with twelve swimming pools, of the spas, and Tennis courts.Here is the decoration is planted. But it is a volcanic island, the access to the sea is very complicated and the beaches are not numerous. It will be the swimming pool and then it is all !


Runners come from many countries.

We arrive four days before the race, with just a small day in advance on the remainder of the guests to the race. It is sufficient to take its marks and to begin the shootings photographs and videos for the various partners brand of the event. We make a first recognition of the places with camera and picture. While waiting for the continuation of the fastivities, the first day is well filled. Thursday morning, runners start to arrive since several countries. In particular Argentinian Gustavo Reyes with who i had won the 50miles in Chile in 2010. Americans follow with Mike Wolfe, the last winner of the 50 miles of the Endurance Challenge The North Face of San Fransisco last december. Also Dakota Jones of the Team Montrail, Geoff Roes victorious of the States Western in 2010. Anton Krupicka, second of the Western in 2010, Nike Clark, Nikki Kimball or Joe Grant etc.. All arrive at the liking of the flights and one finds oneself the first evening with the athletes of the Team Salomon like François D'Haene, Thomas Lorblanchet, Anna Frost and king Kilian Jornet. We join also Erik Clavery, Maud Gobert and a whole series of journalists of the whole world: from South Africa, France, Australia without forgetting the Americans...of course. 


For some people, the meeting again are very nice, the occasion to recall some races and to takl about experiments. Environment is really good child and the organizers are with the small care for the runners and staffs present.

After various requests and jogging commun runs, we leave and we prepare for the departure which will take place the next morning at 6:00 am local time and 5:00 in France. I do not feel too badly even if i do not have the feeling to have a super power in the legs as with the practice. It is perhaps good sign, we will see well tomorrow morning.  


Heat frome the beginning


After one night short and an alarm clock early, we travel by the vehicles direction the headlight at the end of the island, frome where the departure will be given. After a few minutes ofroad, we arrive on the spot. My legs are not yet weel awaked, but the departure located a few days before is relatively violent. Almost all the race proceeds in rise, or at least the first 50 kilometers. There it will be necessary to be well awaked. That flat tackles direct with a first "blow of bottom" two hundred meters on ground then the hill number one of 16 kilometers almost all length in sand of laval. This black rocks is concealed and behaves same manneras usual sand. Dice the beginning, as usual, any share quickly and in the night of the groups of runners are formed. I do not have good fellings, i thus let make and tell me that i will see with the wire of the race. I am made exceed regularly and see the chain of lamps in front of me being spread out gradually. The intensity is relatively important for me and my forecasts in connection with the last meetings and last times that i could realize do not hold the road too much. I do not have large thing in the legs and on the less stiff portions i do not run very quickly. Moreover, upon the departure, the is of 20°c and a wind of face prevents us from progressing. I perspire muche and my rates of respiration and ventilatory are raised, which does not correspond to me too much. In fact, i think that i am not accustomed yet to heat. Last weekend, i still had the feet in snow and to pass from a fex degrees below zero to 30°C and 70% of humidity, really does not charm me...


Moreover when i arrive at the first supply i know that the day will be long. I already inidcate it to my supply craft in ther giving a message of hope, without really believing in it internally. I do not manage to hav good balance between the effort and ventilation. Of this fact i am in the redpermanently which is of race, but in a state not very conclusive, the legs not having returner... In spite of that, i think that nothing is lost. I do not have much delay in race end there are 20 kilometers of descent and 5 Kilometers of rise. 


After 35 kilometers of galley i go obviously: my physique is not there today. I think that it will ve never there and the stop is inevitable. I do not drink enough, the weather is increasingly hot, and i start to start my physical capital. I have cramps in the back since the 24th kilometer. Even thing with abdominal and the diaphragm. It is a sign which i know well, because in the past the lack of  hydration had already played me this turn transforming my end of the road inton martyrdom. The lack of hydration, the wing and heat will have been right of me. While setting out again of the supply of the 33rd kilometer. I know that with the following supply there will be my team of support made up of Isa and Ethan.


I find in front of me Florent Troillet and Geoff Roes and make the effort to restick and accompany them to the following supply. In fact i do not have too many efforts required because Florent is completely cooked and Geoff has cramps. Very quickly i pass in front of and Geoff sticks itself behind me. The train seems to be appropriaye to him and we advance quietly but surely to the following supply. There he tells me that we are with a few kilometers of the summit of the island and that we could thus go there and to stop us there. I do not know if it is the fact of running with Geoff or another thing, but i set out again and we continue our usual journey to arrive at the summit of the island, that is to say with the 57 kilometer. After almost 6:00 of race we stop.


The continuation, you know it: return to the hotel, a good shower and briefing with the team, live or by phone. I think that i still have much work to be in form at the good moment, even if every year of the same period i am not inside. (Stope the last year, in may, to Australia)

What reassures to me it is that i learn much more lessons of a stop than from a success. It is not in my practices to stop, but it is more formative all the same if we make then necessary work for analysing the errors carried out well...There i really think of a problem of hydration and small preoccupations with adjustments in my preparation. But the season is still long and the races to be prepared many.



 Ranking TransVulcania


   1st Dakota Jones, 6h58


   2nd Andy Symonds, 7h00


   3rd Kilian Jornet Burgada, 7h09


   4th Francois D'Haene, 7h23


   5th Iker Karrera, 7h38 


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TransVulcania 2012 



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