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My utmb 2009.... a special race.


 Race Report UTMB


A champion's battle


My feelings: One hour before the start:

Lying on the bed with tea and cake jack flack, I did a little nap in the afternoon, I checked my equipment.I took the race with looking forward because my goal is to make the volume for the Grand Raid. At this point, I think that if everything goes well I can do less than my time last year ... 25h 42min.


This year I really feel that this has gone much slower than in previous years. Kilian joined us after 600 or 700 meters, then left with the front of the race consists of Dawa, the Spanish ...Les Houches, after these 8 hilly kilometers we enter the heart of the matter by the rise of Charme. I happen to keep me at 160-168 beats of previous years while I was already at 175-185. I'm cool relaxed.


After a rapid refreshment to Contamines where i prepare to attack at night, I'm quite surprised that I managed to drink all of my pocket a one liter water that I took in Saint Gervais. What surprises me most is to see that Dawa leave just before me and I begin to wonder if I am not party too quickly. Look at the GPS tells me 3:04. I even have a bit late so everything is fine.


When I arrive at Chapieux, I am relatively relaxed which was my goal!
To Bertone I was told that I'm the fourth. there, I find it hard to believe. Front, apart Kilian bodies are beginning to be tired. Novelty for me, the night is still there in my progression to Bonatti. The day arrived to discover Arnuva.
In my descent to Arnuva I see Scott Jureck. He runs a small but steady pace. I still have the feeling of being well since I reveins above without seeking.


Scott moves closer to me and the Grand Col Ferret. Not without difficulty!In Col Ferret I have no feeling in the fingers. I am greeted by four volunteers who fight against the winds. I change my clothes by a T-shirt and go again to rally Champex. I climb to Champex verry speedly. The legs are still there.
After doing half of the climb I see Kabu between the two river crossings which trots. I know I am two in the standings, I really fear the come back of Kabu with a very few minutes into the hike!


I stop refreshment few moments, my friend Pascal Blanc waiting for me "You're doing something awesome!" tell me! Ok we stay calm because it is very very far from finish line! I launch of the sheepfold and the height before descending to the Forclaz, my Japanese friend is not far! it still runs, it is on it will let up.


Big boost to the Forclaz because my son is waiting for me with my wife and granny queen, and friends: Dawa and Annie, Josiane and Jean Claude Piccolet ....
Here is the steep descent before  Trient: to the refreshment, Vincent Delebarre waiting for me to support me. I do not lose time, the team video Kabu is I know what that means! 

Here I feel I no longer ride. I tire .. what I think is normal after 18 hours of racing ... I try to stay in my mind knowing that Kabu can not close the gap.

To Vallorcine, I remain 3/4 minutes max time to change the pocket to make a soup and refill gel. We always 6 min apart with Kabu, which leaves me time to get trotted without too much pressure on the Col des Montets

Arriving at the Col des Montets an impressive crew of friends encourage me and give me the strength to attack with a good spirit on the climb up to the Tête au vent. Halfway up I see Kabu attack this last hump. Everything is technical to the finish, I stay focused on my mind for do not mistake. I'm starting to say maybe this is my day while fighting for this idea does not distract me.
After a quick refreshment in Flégère ...
37 minutes, it's time that I put between Flégère and crossing the line.
Emotions are enormous .... I'll rest up in the road.


Arriving on the Road My buddy Fred Bousseau after me with his camera! banana and he exults as much as me. A line of people surround me, I type in hundreds of hands that reach on my way.This is happiness and entry into this final stretch with the crowd, Isa and Ethan waiting for me after not make me release the stride. I hope to have this moment sent as possible vibration at all. This is an immense happiness indescribable ...

Interviews and a few pictures later, I will welcome Kabu. We fought for over 60 kms and is now resting warrior and immense desire to share that happiness with him!

I want to dedicate my results to three friends tragically lost trailers on the Mercantour, and their families.


The North Face Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 2009: 2nd Sébastien Chaigneau 22h36"45

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