Sébastien Chaigneau, endurance runner lover of mountains and outdoor sports, I practice Trail Running for ten years.

Global athlete The North Face, trail running is a pleasure for me that I share with my friends, my wife and my two children.


 Why I want to run ? « Because I don’t know neither how to sing nor how to swing » Rocky Balboa
The races are long, technical and demanding to cope, I needed to be on top, to find the eye of the tiger.

I meet Yuurrrgen…

Get Ready For Season 5 E3

"We often sum up running to the action of putting one foot in front of the other. I think it is more than that, the body’s movement is mainly similar but the mechanisms of the mind who allow us to get through with an Ultra Trail are different.
The mechanics of the body and the mind depend of each other. If one of it is not going well, the other one won’t go either. The spirit of the European races is different from the spirit of the American races, what about Japanese ones ?
In this new episode, Tsuyoshi Kaburaki, master of trail running in Japan, talk to us about the Japanese mentality.
And, as a bonus, Seb will make a Japanese recipe, Onigiris…

How this came to be ?

Get Ready For Season 5 Episode 2 
A leap into the unknown? Some will say that I know this race to be involved and have won several times. If it is a leap into the unknown, it is not because of the terrain is simply because it is the first race of the season. It is what will dictate my season ... 
The stranger that is me!