“Above all enjoy yourself, the rest is not important”

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Sébastien Chaigneau, endurance runner lover of mountains and outdoor sports, I practice Trail Running for ten years.

Global athlete The North Face, trail running is a pleasure for me that I share with my friends, my wife and my two children.

Get Ready For S5 EP6 Belle île effect


 Belle-Île-en-Mer? The ocean, the beaches, the wild coast, the small valleys and the harbours?

It’s true that the island is full of wonders; but the real beauty is expressed through meetings, stories, and sharing.
In the last episode of the season 5, Sébastien, David and Ludovic met each other on this piece of land, between sea and sky, and casually approach the end of the season.

Pierrette, 75 and Guillaume, 24, throw themselves into the tour of the island by coastal trails.

Two generations, two different approaches of trail running but a single passion: to feel the pleasure of running on trails and to make sure that running becomes a lifestyle.

Get Ready For S5 EP5 American Style


We often hear about the difference between European and American races. But what is this state of mind, this different vision which suggest us that races in the US have something special?

If it is true that in minimalism only lie the essential, the Hardrock 100 is the perfect demonstration: limited to 140 runners without mandatory equipment, the path offers the runners a wild odyssey through stunning, aerial and prone to storms Colorado’s landscapes.

If this race is singular, it is thanks to the add of soul which emerge of all these runners, simply there to share an amazing adventure.

The simplicity and the joy of these guys assaulting one of the world's hardest challenge, get us fully aware of a different way of life from the one we know in Europe: The American Style.


Why I want to run ? « Because I don’t know neither how to sing nor how to swing » Rocky Balboa
The races are long, technical and demanding to cope, I needed to be on top, to find the eye of the tiger.

I meet Yuurrrgen…