Sebastien Chaigneau, endurance runner Lover of mountains and sports nature, i practice the Trail Running for ten years.

Global athlete  The North Face, the trail running is a pleasure for me that i share with my friends, my wife and my two childrens.

How this came to be ?

Get Ready For Season 5 Episode 2 
A leap into the unknown? Some will say that I know this race to be involved and have won several times. If it is a leap into the unknown, it is not because of the terrain is simply because it is the first race of the season. It is what will dictate my season ... 
The stranger that is me!

Race report transgrancanaria 2014

available soon

Get Ready For Season 5

10 weeks without running. In the point of view of some, it's nothing, but for a runner, it's an eternity. After this test, how to cope with new challenges?

Sources of motivation come from different backgrounds, there is the challenge, fun, nature, but there are also the people around us. Without them it is impossible to get ready for the race.

Discover proprioception with my physioterapist Vincent in a bonus episode included in this first episode of Get Ready For Season 5.